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Shad, Sockeye, Trout


Pound for pound, these are the hardest fighting fish in the river!  This is a great fishery for kids and beginners with hot action and great weather.  June is the peak of the run.  Combo trips with trophy sturgeon fishing can be arranged!



Columbia River sockeye are one of the best eating salmon you can catch.  As they enter the river in July, we target them on the Hanford Reach and follow them up to their spawning grounds on the Upper Columbia by Brewster, Washington.  Generous bag limits, beautiful scenery, and great weather make this an excellent trip!



Winter trout fishing on Lake Roosevelt provides some of the best trout fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Stocked with triploid trout, Roosevelt boast catches of large fish with excellent meat for the table!  Hot action and the chance to catch some bonus Kokanee make this trip worthwhile!

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