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Spring Chinook are the best eating salmon on the planet! We target these fish on the Columbia River in the Portland area in April and follow them upriver throughout the run, finishing in the Tri-City area around June. 



Summer Chinook are known for their size and great battles on the line.  We fish the middle to upper sections of the Columbia River.  With beautiful summer weather being the norm, these are great trips for the entire family!



Fall Chinook are one of my favorite fish to target.  They are big, aggressive and great eating!  We start fishing for these pigs in the Columbia River Gorge in late August, and follow them upriver to their spawning grounds on the Hanford Reach in October.  Multiple fish days are expected as well as full coolers!  This is your best chance to catch a true trophy King!



During these months, I focus on Coho or Silver salmon.  I fish the Columbia and Klickitat Rivers where these feisty fish are returning to spawn.  They are great eating and provide excellent action with minimal pressure.  This makes this trip relaxing and memorable for all!

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